Скачал ремонтный мануал на Вольву. Распаковал, а там -- образ vmware с Windows XP...

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Последний Brain Damage очень даже хорош: Плейлист:
BD210 "Lost For Words"
26. March 2014

01. Pink Floyd - The Grand Vizer's Garden: Party Part I (Entrance) [Ummagumma]
02. Pink Floyd - When You're In [Obscured By Clouds]
03. Pink Floyd - Cluster One (unreleased demo)
04. Pink Floyd - Marooned (unreleased demo)
05. Pink Floyd - Unknown (unreleased demo)
06. Pink Floyd - Untitled #1 (unreleased demo)
07. Pink Floyd - Young Lust (unreleased demo)
08. Pink Floyd - Love Song 4 [Zabriski Point extended edition]
09. Pink Floyd - Great Gig In The Sky (early mix) [DSoTM Immersion Set]
10. Pink Floyd - A Saucerful of Secrets [The Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 9. August, 1969]
11. Pink Floyd - Up the Khyber [More]
12. Pink Floyd - Nick's Boogie [Tonight Let's Make Love In London]
13. Pink Floyd - The Grand Vizer's Garden: Party Part II (Entertainment) [Ummagumma]
14. Syd Barrett - Rhamadan [An Introduction to Syd Barrett - iTunes only release]
15. Pink Floyd - Interstellar Overdrive [Manchester College Of Commerce, Manchester, UK, 2. May 1969]
16. Pink Floyd - Hard Way [DSoTM Immersion Set]
17. Pink Floyd - Remember A Day (unreleased early mix)
18. Pink Floyd - Travel Sequence (studio version) [DSoTM Immersion Set]
19. Pink Floyd - Run Like Hell (unreleased early mix)
20. Pink Floyd - Absolutely Curtains [Obscured By Clouds]
21. Pink Floyd - The Grand Vizer's Garden: Party Part III (Exit) [Ummagumma]

кто в лес, кто по дрова


RTLD_NOLOAD (since glibc 2.2)

Don't load the library. This can be used to test if the library is already resident (dlopen() returns NULL if it is not, or the library's handle if it is resident). This flag can also be used to promote the flags on a library that is already loaded. For example, a library that was previously loaded with RTLD_LOCAL can be reopened with RTLD_NOLOAD | RTLD_GLOBAL. This flag is not specified in POSIX.1-2001.


Once a library has been opened with dlopen, the scope defined for it cannot be changed by subsequent calls to dlopen to load the same library. For example, if the process opens a library that hasn’t been loaded into the local scope and later opens the same library into the global scope, the opened library retains its local status. That is, the symbols the library exports do not become available in the global scope with the latter call. This is true even if the library is closed before reopening it within the same process.